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Parents making me act out

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  • Parents making me act out

    My family has never let me out of the house much. When they do they always have to know exactly where im going and where i am at all time. This causes me to have an occasional manic episode because i can never release the pressure of wanting to do something. When i confront my mom about it she tells me that shes always let me go out and its my fault that i dont go out. Thats why i snuck out and go hang out with friends and smoke because that is the only way i feel like i have freedom. When she caught me sneaking out, she took away my phone and called mobile response. She is also considering taking away my laptop because i lied to her about what i was watching because she would not approve of it (i was watching big mouth lol). Ive had alot of friend issues and social anxiety and this is going to make it worse and she knows that. She wont even allow me to have my phone to text this hotline because if i ask her to text it she is going to be up my butt about what is happening. She also is looking through my phone which is a huge invasion of privacy for me considering i have a lot of boundary issues. She has also been touching me (hugging and poking me) which makes me have a lot of anxiety and she knows that. She told me that its because of what i watch and listen to that is causing all of these problems but its really her

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    It sounds like your mom is willing to allow you to do things so long as you let her know where you are. Although it may seem to be a bit overwhelming for you it does not seem to be a large request if it eases her concerns. Perhaps you should take time to think about why you don't want her knowing and reflect on if it is worth upsetting yourself if she does know. In order to achieve trust from your parents they need to have trust in you and it sounds like they may not have a lot of it at the moment. If you feel this is bringing you to a panicked state then you may want to consider speaking with a mental health professional to learn how to manage the emotions. If you have any questions or would like to talk about this or anything else further please contact 2NDFLOOR via text or call at 1(888)222-2228. We are available 24/7.


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