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    I feel like im a disappointment. I lied to my dad about talking to this girl and he got angry and told me I cant talk to her anymore. But I have a crush on her so I didnt stop and then he found out I was still talking to her and that I have another email and a twitter account which im not allowed to have. I cant have any social media. My dad packed his stuff and left me and my mom for the next few days. I cant help but feel like a disappointment and that I cant do anything right, because I just want to be myself and make my own choices. Even though I know he is just trying to protect me.

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    It seems like your dad leaving for a few days is a bit extreme for the situation you explained, Perhaps he has a little more going on that you aren't aware of. Would you consider speaking with your mom about how you feel with your dads restrictions? Perhaps when things cool down between your father, mother, and yourself you could try discussing a social media compromise. Maybe something like if you have an account they can have access to it or something along those lines. That can help to give you the choice while allowing your parents the chance to be protective. If you would like to talk about this further or anything else remember that 2NDFLOOR is available 24/7 via text and call at 1(888)222-2228.


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      my dad and i have had a lot of problems. we got through the hardest parts but i cant help think he doesnt like me. we dont have a problem but i find myself talking badly about him whenever im describing his personality to my friends without even meaning to. this is very hurtful to me because my family is very close to each other.


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        hi there. sometimes family relationships can be complex. also, people having perceived flaws in their personality is normal since not everyone is perfect so it's natural for you to pick up on that when describing your dad. maybe try and list some of the good things you see in him too . thanks for reaching out; we are here 24/7 via call or text 888-222-2228.


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