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  • Problem with my mom

    Sometimes this doesn't happen, but a lot of other times it does. A lot of times when I want to go somewhere or pursue something, my mom always makes me feel like what I'm doing is wrong, that I'm giving her and my dad a hard time, or that I shouldn't make her lonely. Today I wanted to go to the high school and go on a run with the other girls on my freshman field hockey team, but when I asked my mom, she told me that I couldn't. The reason being is that I had to stay home and keep her company and because she thinks I'm worn out and tired from the football game last night when I'm fine. The football game part, I get it she's looking out for me, but I truly am fine, and even if I tell her I am she doesn't listen. And then when I tell her that I'm my own person and that I feel trapped because she can't keep keeping me at home all the time for that, she tells me that I am not my own person and that I'm hers, my dads, and gods until I am married. It's just going on a run to get stamina and get better for games, I don't get what is so wrong. This happens with other things too. No matter if I try talking to her she keeps on having this mindset. I don't know if it is just the Indian culture, not having a good marriage, or just being toxic that made her this way, but I really don't know what to do.

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    I am glad you reached out to 2NDFLOOR. It sounds like your mom is a bit overprotective and a bit lonely. It also sounds like you have tried talking to her about how you feel. It could be a cultural thing, is that the way other family members are treated? Also, is it possible to speak to your dad about this? Maybe he could help. It is not unreasonable for you to go on a run with your other team members. In fact it is probably a good thing to help improve your hockey game. Maybe bring it up to her in this way, if it happens again. The only think you can do is try explaining things to her but she will most likely not change unless she feels the need to. The only think you can do is try to change your reaction to her. Try to approach her differently. I hope some if these suggestions help you. You can always reach out to us at 2NDFLOOR. We are here 24/7 by text, phone or message board. Our number is 888-222-2228. Good luck!


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      My mom is constantly making every thing my fault. She seems to ignore the fact that I have ADHD. I suffer frum the mental abuse that she attacks me with every day. I have cried my self to sleef almost every day this year. My mental reset button is my Boy Scout troop. My mother is constantly refusing to allow me to attend mmetings which adds to the never ending levels of stress that I have to endure. I have been having many mental brake downs this year and she has mocked them and called them bullshit. She acts like everything is my fault and as though I am a peaice of shit. She never listens to me. To make it worse, My ELA teacher is also my Sience teacher and she gives a never ending flow of assignments. It is extreamly hard to keep up with, even without ADHD. I am drowning in hate and work. Please help me.


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        Hi there. It is good that you reached out to talk about this. Have you told another trusted adult about what's going on with mom? It could be another trusted family member, teacher you get along with, or your guidance counselor/social worker at school. It sounds like your mother, and maybe even yourself, would benefit from learning more about your diagnosis so that you both can get a better handle on how to manage these types of stressful situations. As far as your school issues go, if you say that you have an ADHD diagnosis it is possible to receive supportive services at school to help you succeed. Please consider speaking with your guidance counselor at school about these issues as he/she can potentially help . We are here 24/7 via text or phone call 888-222-2228 should you have further questions or need to talk about anything.


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