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my family puts too much pressure on me

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  • my family puts too much pressure on me

    my mom is always telling me that I'm useless, stupid and a loser even though I have good grades, I cook, I clean the house, and i basically do all the chores with my sister, I also clean the cars and I take care of my sister by feeding her, and taking care of her,I do sports and I really feel so stress for her comments and I already told her ho she makes me feel but she just stopped for a while like 2 days and on the third day she told me that i'm delicate and that I should be thankful because i won't feel bad when someone else told me that but its only her no one else makes me feel like that exept for my stepdad he is always like did you already cook , what did you cook and im like i do almost everything and he doesn't even look for the food he wants that we give it to him in a dish like a king or wathever. and I always have to pretend that im fine when im not even at school ian im crying right now

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    Glad you reached out to us, that sounds really tough to deal with, and it sounds like you have a lot of responsibilities Which is OK to have responsibilities, but also should be appreciated and not to the extent you do maybe. It’s definitely not your job to feed your stepfather or to cook for your family that’s your moms job. I’m sorry you’re going through that struggle. Is there anyone in your life that you can vent to or talk to? A trusted aunt or uncle? Or just any trusted person in your life? Because just talking about it can really help. Family dynamics can be challenging sometimes and not always easy but keep your head up. Pick and choose your battles and practice coping strategies to help, this is a resource that offers tips @ Maybe reach out to your guidance counselor to talk about how you feel to have some support in your life. Hang in there and call or text us anytime you wanna talk at 888-222-2228. We are here 24/7.


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      You are not useless, nor are you stupid or a loser. It sounds like you hold a lot of responsibility in your household and you are a key part of its successful day to day functioning and are a vital person for your sister. It's wonderful that you're an excellent student in spite of these stressors. It also sounds like the only sources of negative criticism is from your mother and step dad. It is great that there is no other adult that makes you feel this way, but is there any adult in your life that you can have a conversation with about how you feel? You mentioned being in school, does the guidance counselor at your school have an open door? What about your coach? They may be able to provide support in ways that you may not even be aware of. The resource in the reply above has an excellent list of tips for healthy coping, which will only add to your resiliency in the meantime.


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