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Friend got raped but underage drinking

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  • Friend got raped but underage drinking

    my friend was very drunk at a party and his girlfriend had sex with him, and he was really really drunk. The thing is they are both underage, how do I proceed without incriminating my friend for underage drinking even though he technically got raped.

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    You're friend didn't do anything wrong, if he was raped, he was the victim of a crime. There are many agencies he can contact for help with this issue and here is a list of them by county:
    Just have him look up and get in touch with the one from the county he is in. Many of them have a hotline number he can contact first if he has any questions about what's going to happen. That might help ease his mind about the underage drinking part. Thanks for being a supportive friend and making sure he gets help. You can call/text us anytime at 888-222-2228.


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      It sounds like you're very concerned about your friend and want to help him. It is never the victim's fault for sexual assault, regardless of whether or not they were drinking. What has he expressed as his needs in regards to this situation? Does he want to report his girlfriend? Does he want to just talk to you about the situation? Empowering victims after sexual assault, when they were in a situation where they felt like they had no control, is important. The above reply has appropriate resources by county for your friend to utilize if he decides that he wants to pursue further action. It sounds like you are a great support for your friend and want to ensure his safety, and it sounds like you will continue to do so. You are a great resource to your friend. If you or your friend has any questions you would like to refer to 2nd floor, the number is 888-222-2228, line is open 24/7.


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