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my crush talked to me and I felt too happy about it

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  • my crush talked to me and I felt too happy about it

    I have always liked this boy or at least since the 8th grade that I met him and yesterday he spoke to me only said HI Roselyn but I felt so happy because he was ignoring me since a friend sent him a screenshot where I was confessed that I like him and what were the reasons why I like him but the point is that he started ignoring me after that happened this is going to sound a bit stupid but I felt so depressed that I didn't even want to eat I just drank water and if I ate it was almost nothing and I was also eating a lot of chocolates according to me they help me with depression but really I felt so depressed that he was ignoring me because in 8th grade he did talk to me and he was a great help to me, he made me and still makes me smile because of his stupid things that he did and he helped me to be more confident with myself but now we are in high school and I can only see him for a few seconds in the hallway and I feel sad when he just ignores me and He just confuses me because of what he's doing but he hasn't said anything about the message I was thinking if he asked me I was just going to deny it and say maybe it was just edited or whatever came to my mind but he hasn't said nothing and I don't care if he likes me, maybe a little bit but the only thing I want is that at least he keep talking to me, we weren't very close in 8th grade and even less now that I can hardly see him anymore but Even so, he helped me to be happier with my life.

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    Thanks for sharing this. Having a crush can be exciting, upsetting and everything in between! The feelings you are having are completely normal and understanding. Sometimes crushes turn into more than that and sometimes they don’t but either way can teach you a lot about your feelings and trying to deal with them. And for you specifically it looks like you are feeling happy overall which is a good thing since you have a very flexible mindset about this. If you wanted to talk about this more you can call or text us at the 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline. We are here 24/7 at 888-222-2228


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