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    I don't know where to start. I've always been the center of attention, I was the youngest on my dad's side and the eldest on my mom's. Then in school, I used to get bullied, always, but I was okay with it because why not. I was still the center of attention. But then I moved to a different country, from India to USA, in NJ. I didn't know anyone and no-one knew me. Suddenly, they world didn't revolve around me anymore. I found a guy, but he's not the problem. I was on and off with him but I was only with him because I felt like I needed him when I didn't, Hell, I didn't even like him. AT ALL. But then I decided to end it for my own good. And suddenly, I find a guy on bumble, I really liked him. He gave me attention and he was literally the definition of perfection for me. We didn't talk for long it has just been a week but this whole week, We faceted everyday for over a week, till 3am or 4 am and yesterday, I was supposed to go on a walk with him, he didn't show. Today he texted me

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    Sounds like you met someone that you like and that sounds nice. If you are worried that he stood you up then maybe wait and see what he says..although its not a good look for someone to do that there could be a legit reason, but up to you if you want to hear it or not. I'm not sure what you were going to finish saying so if you want to try the message board again you can or call or text us at 888-222-2228 anytime.


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