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being called gay even tho im a cishet; feel sad

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  • being called gay even tho im a cishet; feel sad

    If there's one thing ppl think I am before knowing me, it's that I'm "gay" or "trans". I (12 1/2 M), am not gay, though, but my sense of humor, mannerisms, and way of speak is more effeminate than usual boys. I say "slay", "material girl", and "preppy" a lot, but only because it's funny. My interests also differ, and while other boys (IM NOT A PICK ME BOY I SWEAR ON GAWD) will be playing football or doing a blood sacrifice to Travis Scott or wutevr generic teen guys do in their freetime, but I'll be sitting on the couch trying to write the next biggest Animal Crossing fanfic of the decade. But ever since middle school started for me, ppl will ask me, "aRe yOu gAy" or tell me "yOu'Re sOoOoO zEsTy" (it's also the boys who ask me that even tho they're literally attempting to MAKE OUT W/ OTHER PPL IN THE LOCKER ROOM; either them or preppy grls). Sometimes they'll even go as far as calling me a f@gg0t (only like one time tho). It rly pisses me off and sometimes it will just make me want to be invisible. I want the confidence to tell them "peace out, mf" (where my never have i ever fans atttttt) but I can never find any sort of confidence to say what I want. And for the ppl abt to say, "wElL, tElL uR pArEnTs oR sUmThIn", my family, even tho i care for them, they literally won't do anything to anything to help me. They will just say stuff like "tHeN sTaWp aCtInG lIkE tHaT" or "jUsT iGnOrE iT" or my "personal fav" (aka the 1 i hear way too much), "sToP bEinG sOoOoO sEnSiTiVeEeE". It doesn't help me, it just furthers the fact that my worth in this world is nothing better than a POP TART. I need to stop this crap, but I just can't. I feel like no one will listen, and no one will give a crap. Can someone help me plz?
    -the "man" in red
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    Sorry you’re having a hard time in school. Unfortunately people can be judgmental and not the nicest about things they don’t understand or they feel insure themselves and project that on others. School can be a tricky time trying to manage the stress of school work and the social aspects as well. It sounds like you are confident and that’s awesome! Stay positive! It’s natural to not always know what to say on the spot when someone’s being rude, it’s hard to think when that happens. it would be helpful for you to talk to someone so if you’re ever really stressed out in school go to your guidance counselor so that you can vent and let things out. If you ever want to talk, we are here 24/7 you can call or text us at 888-222-2228.


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